Sparsteel has made its mark in the Middle East and is based out of Dubai, UAE. The company is engaged in the steel pipe manufacturing and the supplying of the various steel products like steel pipe, steel board, steel decking, steel plank and ERW Pipe etc

Scaffolding Steel Pipe, Steel Tube and ERW Pipe manufacturers

Steel Pipe, Steel Tube, Scaffolding Tube, MS Tube, MS Pipe, ERW Tubes, ERW Pipes, Galvanized Tubes, Galvanized Pipe, GI Tubes, GI Pipes, Scaffolding Steel Board , Steel Deck, Steel Platform across the globe. They have manufacturing units in UAE, KSA, India, Korea, and China. The company has an excellent team of engineers and other staffs who completely support the production. The main aim of the company is to emerge highly successful in the global front.

They have understood the dynamics in the local market and aspire to conquer the global requirement as well. They have been catering to a wide range of clients in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, infrastructure, and various other industries. The Steel pipe , steel tubes Export is always busy to ensure that the quality products leave the premises.

The Steel Pipe, Steel Tube, Scaffolding Tube, MS Tube, MS Pipe, ERW Tubes, GI Pipes, Galvanized Tubes, Galvanized Pipe, GI Tubes and ERW Pipes manufacturer, factory and supplier in Middle East & UAE

Scaffolding Steel Board and Steel Deck

Scaffolding Steel Board , Steel Deck, Steel Platform is also doing a great business. They offer the products at a rental which is affordable for the clients. The professionals ensure that the installation of the scaffold products is done in an apt manner so that the results are impressive. The company has carved a niche for its products in the related field. The clients are also happy and content with the services offered by the company.

Sparsteel one of the foremost manufacturers of the Middle East steel tube and pipe industry, has been serving its customers squire tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, round tube & round pipe with the same high level of professionalism and expertise for more than 15 years.

Sparsteel an internationally successful corporation that is adapting its overall facilities from production to marketing with respect to the requirements of a changing environment, is a conglomerate operates in four major business areas including steel, distributorship, logistics and energy. Along with this diversification, steel tube and pipe manufacturing, being the core business of Sparsteel, has always been on continuous improvement and expansion.

As the flagship of Sparsteel, operates with five plants, three in Dubai UAE, KSA Saudi Arabia one in India and one in China.

Our Best Steel Products

Sparsteel being one of the most reliable manufacturer, factory & supplier of precision steel tubes in MENA, has expanded its product range Steel Pipe, Steel Tube, Scaffolding, Tube, MS Tube, MS Pipe, ERW Tubes, ERW Pipes, Galvanized Tubes, Galvanized Pipe, GI Tubes , GI Pipes, scaffolding Steel Board , Steel Deck, Steel Platform into diverse end user applications.

With its technical know-how and standards of high quality, the company offers a wide range of precision tubes for industries varying from furniture to automotive. Sparsteel Dubai UAE and Saudi Arabia plants are totally precision focused facilities that are dedicated to serve mainly European markets.

SPARsTEEL involve both the search for advance Technical training is considered as the major part of the whole activity.

Training involves steel making and tube making technologies, implementation of defect analysis, process control techniques, quality improvement team works, reengineering of processes, automation in production, management information system Sparsteel conducts joint projects together with raw material suppliers in developing special materials to meet the requirements of the production processes towards the production of tubes to specific customer requirements.

In Sparsteel we value and pursue “continuous improvement.” As a company that embraces Lean 6 Sigma methodology; launching breakthrough technologies, improving production and process control steps,

Top Leading Steel Pipe Manufacturers in UAE

We are top and leading pipe manufacturers in dubai, UAE and all over Middle East, as we provide the best quality steel pipes, MS Pipes, GI Pipes and ERW Pipes at very affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Steel pipes are found in a very form of places. Since they're sturdy, they're used underground for transporting water and gas throughout cities and towns. they're extensively utilized in construction to guard electrical wires. whereas steel pipes are strong, they'll even be light-weight.

There are six kinds of pipes and tubular product. normal Pipe: There are 3 differing types of ordinary metal pipes - welded (ERW Pipe), seamless pipe, and galvanized pipe. They represent 100% of all tubular product.

Steel tube is used throughout industrial applications, significantly for transportation of water, gasses and liquid wastes. Steel tubes are a standard part of commercial machines, utilized in conveyor belts, hydraulic lifts, mills and plenty of alternative machines

A PIPE may be a round tubular to distribute fluids and gases, selected by a nominal pipe size (NPS or DN) that represents a rough indication of the pipe conveyance capacity; a TUBE may be a spherical, rectangular, square or oval hollow section measured by outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness (WT)

A four inches (100 mm) Schedule forty pipe has an out of doors diameter of four.500 inches (114.30 mm), a wall thickness of zero.237 inches (6.02 mm), giving a bore of four.026 inches (102.26 mm)

Welded pipe is also called ERW i.e. Electric Resistance Welded pipe. The most common specification for welded steel pipe is A53.