Scaffolding Manufacturing Plant in UAE

Our RAK manufacturing plant is situated within our highly advanced, and strategically located10K+ square meter site. It is equipped with a local and national logistics division focused solely on servicing the daily needs and demands of our many customers and sole supply partners.

Scaffolding Manufacturing Plant in UAEOur KSA Operations is equipped with numerous local and national manufacturing plants and smaller scaffolding supplies divisions located throughout the KSA and UAE. For a decade our Al-Jubail Plant has established and retained strong connections, close associations and sole supply partnerships throughout the Middle East and have become established as Middle East’s strongest supplier of all types of scaffolding, access and impeccably fabricated formwork solutions. SPAR works on a B2B basis with many leading scaffolding hire and sale companies, scaffolding suppliers and scaffold contracting firms.

Our unrivalled level of customer service has established us as the UAE’s leading scaffolding manufacturer with an extensive local, national and international network of joint ventures, partnerships and close associations.

As the leading scaffolding manufacturer in UAE , we specialize in all types of system scaffolding and scaffolding supplies. Ranging from popular and widely used modular scaffolding including; Cuplocking system, wedging system like Kwikstage and Ringlock.

We also scaffolding manufacture and supply our own equivalent of the Kwikstage and SP-LOK (equivalent of Cuplock) scaffolding systems manufactured in accordance with all British, EU and International standards, they have always delivered awesome performance in all projects.

The benefit of opting for SPAR’s customized solutions as oppose to the branded versions (Cuplock and Kwikstage) provides a greater cost saving, whilst still delivering premium quality, safety and reliability – without the branded price tag.

All types and variations of system scaffolding we manufacture and supply are available fully galvanized or finished with a protective paint. We work closely with leading paint manufacturers to meet an extensive range of customization requirements.

Steel Boards/ Planks

In its quest to improve the and leave a mark in the scaffolding arena, SPAR has unleashed a product par excellence - SparDeck Steel scaffolding boards – composed of application specific grade of high tensile load bearing steel sheets. In order to provide a dependable and sturdy platform for the workforce plus holding of additional load, each SparDeck Board exceeds or meets the exacting standards such as BS EN 12811-1 & AS1577.
SPAR’s stringent quality control system ensure that each SparDeck board provides your business with the platform to depend on and succeed with. Each SparDeck product bears the Hallmark of SPAR’s reputation in the scaffolding industry. These are lightweight, durable and strong, and are being extensively used in all types of decking for scaffolding.

SparDeck Benefits

Non-slip textured surface that provide the perfect grip for the specialist staff who depend on the boards. High slip resistance & sturdy with the ability to retain original shape after load is removed. Our boards being wear-resistant are perfect for all weather and climatic conditions. Easy to clean and maintain in all situations and sites. Compatible with many access systems Fire Resistant.

SparDeck - Scaffold Steel Plank - With Hook

Scaffold Metal Decks and Steel Planks are made in Galvanized and Painted with plain ends and hook-on for scaffoldings, pipe and fitting scaffolding, frame system scaffolding conform to scaffolding standard of EN12811 and AS1577.

SparDeck - Scaffold Steel Board - Without Hook

Scaffold Metal Board is now used as replacement of timber boards as temporary access platform. It boasts of high load carrying capacity and triples the life span from a timber for a competitive price. All SparDeck steel boards comply with BS EN 12811-1 and gone through stringent technical test as well as many international third party recognition. It is recommended to use Board Retaining Coupler (BRC) / Limpet Clamp to secure the steel board. All sizes of SparDeck Steel Boards are available in Galvanized, Painted or Self finishes. In case you do not find the desired dimension or in case of any other general queries, you may inquire via email at or via our 24 hours help-desk number +971-4-557-8114. Products Available : Standard: BS EN 12811 - 1 / AS 1577 – 1993 Finishing: Pre Galvanized / Painted / Hot dipped Galvanized

Our commitment for premium production is both a passion and an immense source of pride for us. Our numerous partnerships and long established relationships nationally and internationally have not only helped us grow and become the UAE leading scaffolding manufacturer but provided us courage to well in entire MENA region. We’ve also had the privilege to see and support many other scaffolding firms within the industry grow their business with the strength of premium production. Our premium level of production is driven by passion, pride and dedication to deliver quality and safety of supply – accessible and affordable to scaffolding firms, contractors and businesses large or small.

Our focus, drive and commitment is to provide a premium production on every scaffolding component, fitting and scaffold solution we design, manufacture and deliver. Our highly skilled workforce and master craftsmen provide premium UAE manufactured scaffolding and access solutions alongside a highly accredited array of scaffold safety solutions, storage systems and reliable fabrication. SPAR’s management ensures that we employ very strong team of professionals. Our people are our pride and it helps SPAR deliver the very best of engineering driven by quality, reliability and safety!

Our primary UAE and global manufacturing plant is based in Al-Ghail Industrial Zone, Al-Ghail, Ras-Al-Khaimah. SPAR’s confidence is sourced from our people that consists of over 200 highly accredited scaffolding, formwork and expert fabricators, alongside some of the UAE’s most skilled, knowledgeable and intuitive scaffolding engineers. We have the skills and ability to manufacture, supply and provide scaffolding and access solutions, commercial, industrial or residential – to any specification.

At The Forefront Of Technology

With the ability to produce 12000 tons of scaffolding products per month, we find great pride in our latest assembly lines and innovative technologies we engage to serve you better.

These technologies help us produce great products. The construction industry has always found our products to be able to endure and exceed loads for which they are made.

SPAR believes that our world of survival of fittest, excelling in our field is not an option but most important surviving factor. In order to excel and stand superior in our product offering, the only option we have is using the best technology available. To this end, we have ensured we have best processes and technology both in our in-house facilities in KSA and UAE and joint ventures in India, China, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, New Zealand, South Korea and United Kingdom.

Scaffolding Raw Materials

When it comes to sourcing its raw material, SPAR believes in the old adage “As you sow, so you reap”. We are very selective in our material and our suppliers. We choose the most reputed suppliers of steel coils. All materials that we source are subjected to standard tests so that we know our products will always deliver what we promise.

If there is any surface imperfection or grain imperfection inside the crystal-lattice, we reject the material. We never compromise in the material that goes in our production. We keep adequate stocks to ensure that our production process never gets impaired due to want of material. SPAR has a very strict vendor selection process. Our experts regularly make plant visits in our supplier’s promises to ensure that what we get is being manufactured and tested in the most stringent manner before it reaches us.

SPAR periodically invests in new machines, in order to assure its production processes are at par with the current market demands. We believe in both constant innovation and updating of our processes. We are convinced that high quality products can only come from the best instruments and that the best performances can be reached only by a strongly motivated and qualified staff.

To keep up with the continuous evolution of our production processes, our staff is constantly trained. This assures our customers to find in SPAR a team working with professional competence, technical skills and accuracy.

Our Partner Companies and Global Network

SPAR not only manufactures and designs scaffolding solutions for its direct customers but it provides consultancy services to its competitors and partner companies alike. Our R & D Team has expertise that is well acknowledged and appreciated across the scaffolding industry. This gives us opportunity to combine our strengths and USP with other companies who have specializations in related fields. Our alliances and business relationships help us provide the best of product and services that any single company cannot fulfill. Our collaboration helps us to give complete supplies to our respected clients.

When it comes to this part of the planet, we have established for ourselves, one the strongest and most knowledgeable networks within the industry during the past decade. Ranging from investments and partnerships with scaffolding designers, contractors, scaffold hire and sales firms and scaffolding suppliers throughout KSA, UAE, China, South Korea.

We also work closely and have close associations with UAE and overseas companies specializing the production and supply of steel, aluminum and timber. Our teams are smart and versatile. So they can readily participate in any knowledge transfer program with great ease. Our workforce always remains highly trained, motivated, skilled in all pertinent technologies and processes, SPAR prides itself as engineering solution provide, from concept to completion.

Local, National and International Delivery and Export

We provide an all-encompassing service including scaffold collection and delivery for all UAE based customers. For overseas customers our expert and experienced scaffolding exports division can seamlessly arrange receipt and return of your equipment. For more details on our scaffolding delivery or scaffold export services, please contact us at +971-4-557-8114 or email us at;

A Wide Range of scaffolding Products

SPAR scaffolding products and processes are of the highest quality. Owing to the wide range of products that SPAR deals with, we find pride in claiming that we have always satisfied our esteemed customer’s requests irrespective of the Purchase Order size. We are constantly adding products to our existing lineup. Currently we are supplying Steel Scaffolding, Steel Scaffolding Boards and, flat bars andcustomized sizes of hot-rolled sheets slit out from coil (long steel sheet in form of a roll) and laser welded scaffolding tubes

Slit edge strips, from 0.1 to 6 mm thick Laser welded tubes from 0.19 mm to 60.3 mm diameter, and various other sizes of Round Tubes, Square Tubes, Rectangular Tubes. Steel Boards that are sold by the name SparDeck used to build platforms on the scaffolds. Scaffold Steel Ladders of varying lengths meeting BS 2037 and EN 131 Screw Jacks and Adjustable Base Jacks conforming to EN 74 Scaffolding Access Gates and Staircase Towers conforming to EN 12811

As a reputed global supplier, we manufacture complete range of scaffolding elements such as Standards, Ledger, Transom, Tie and Braces for both Tube and Coupler scaffolding or System Scaffolding.

Depending upon specifications being followed by customer we manufacture products that meet international standards such as EN-74 or BS-1139 for items such as drop forged fittings such as Double Couplers, Swivel Couplers, Putlog Couplers, Toe Board Couplers, Girder Coupler or Board Retaining Clamps, Sleeve Couplers, Ladder Clamps, Base Plates etc.

With the help of our steel tubes we manufacture items such as scaffolding ladder beams and tensile load resisting members in the scaffolding Structure.