SPAR Carrying Life

Trust is Must

SPAR STEEL’s signature of “Trust” & “Assurance” is vividly visible at every juncture of our daily life –

  • On the roads that you pass over,
  • In safe transmission of gas and water that we rely on,
  • The rock-solid buildings that we live in,
  • The to wering architectural structures that surround us...

With its unflinching determination, SPAR is continuously striving to make this world a better place to live in; providing all with awesome products and services across Scaffolding Industry (from Manufacturing until specialized Design &Contracting) that can be trusted for life with eyes closed.

We deliver “Value” not “Products”

سبار has rapidly evolved as a pioneer institution for provisioning a myriad of steel products including scaffolding products and other specialized custom made steel products, diligently catering to the non-stopneeds of highly demanding clients of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power & Infrastructure sector. Our Products always come with the unique “SPAR Value”;we help clients by providing solutions not just products that simplify and accelerate operations at enhanced safety levels and at reduced time and cost. When you talk about steel industries in UAE, We are happy to say that Spar Steel is the leading steel manufacturing company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. We are the top scaffolding and steel supplier in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and all over the Middle East.

SPAR has carved a strategic niche in terms of its positioning in the scaffold industry and it consequently recognizes its accountability for maintaining the highest possible quality control and safety standards to ensure the best of product delivery to its esteemed clients, partners and contractors in the most innovative and economical manner.

We are Scaffolding Specialists

Relying on its impeccable manufacturing units, SPAR finds immense pride in producing and supplying every scaffolding element such as

  • GI tubes
  • Black tubes
  • Couplers
  • GI Sheets,
  • Caster Wheels
  • Platform units
  • High-precision made-to-order accessories based on our customer's acting design and specifications.

SPAR is deeply involved in the production of Steel Scaffolding, Steel tubes, & Steel Boards .Ever since its inception, Customer Satisfaction has remained the most important Mission of the Company, that has been supplying comprehensive scaffold services along with products.

We build "Relationships";

SPAR has always remained committed to the development of a long-term relationship with all our business partners and Clients. SPAR constantly endeavors to comply with all applicable international norms and specification for custom-made precision products with reliability and stability of our production lines.

With the intelligent mix of Spar various production facilities, we have uniquely positioned to serve our clients with extreme flexibility in our production facilities. The Company is fully equipped with the most modern Systems for the process and product controls, all so that our valuable Clients always served well.

We believe in the "Best"

With our raw material sourced from only selected and reputed steel mills when coupled with our vast historical data and our specialized knowledge of the practical details of scaffolding, SPAR can satisfy any requirement of any Client profile, be it a giant multinational engineering Company to the plant & machine Manufacturers and up to the End Users.

SPAR's entire process of procurement of raw material, manufacturing, quality control and dispatch comply with the requirements of ISO 9001. SPAR supplies Scaffolding and all kind of Steel tubes all over the world with a wide range of dimensions for a variety of industrial sectors, offering from Carbon Steel grades, For Petrochemical plants and general plant construction in general. To ensure our products fit to every mechanical use, we are supplying the world's most demanded products round the clock.

Scaffolding product manufacturers & Supplier Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

SPAR STEEL is a leading company of scaffolding manufacture and scaffolding material suppliers in 2024 including ERW, GI & MS Pipes, Steel Board, Ladder Beams, Cuplock Scaffolding, Scaffolding Metal Boards, Scaffolding Base Jacks, Universal Jacks. We Manufactures High quality and Highly Durable Scaffolding fittings products like Doubler coupler, Swivel Coupler, Sleeve coupler, Scaffolding Base Plate and many more for Our Customers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE

Steel Pipes & Scaffolding manufacturing plants in UAE

With production plants in the UAE, and with over 25,000 tons of material available in stock and our production plants that have always stood at the forefront of scaffold technology: SPAR is now one of the leading companies in the steel Scaffolding manufacturing industry both in the UAE as well as international market. SPAR works according to its philosophy of offering a wide range of high quality products to choose from, always available in stock, ready to give a precise and quick answer to all its customers' needs. The primary aim (actually our sole aim) is offering our customers the best solutions they are looking for is the aim of our job and the reason for employing advanced technologies.

Your Scaffolding Partner of 2024

The wide ranges of SPAR Steel and Scaffolding products have the ability to respond to the demands of a great variety of industries, from petrochemical to automotive, from oil & gas to food industry. SPAR's high quality and amazing product performances are well appreciated by manufacturers of heat exchangers, gratings, filters, pumps and many other industrial products. By taking SPAR as your business partner, you are choosing a company that is well established in Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia and UAE) and now foraging into the global arena. We are confident that we will do very well across Asian and African nations as a truly global company. Depending on the project size we either compete or collaborate with the largest names in Scaffolding. We have designed and implemented very challenging scaffolding solutions for the Oil and Gas sector where we regularly deploy safe and sturdy scaffold mesh for the repair and maintenance of huge chemical and gas shells and cylindrical tanks.

Mission & Vision


SPAR Steel UAE is the recognized leader in premium steel scaffolding solutions for the Middle East. We empower construction projects with a comprehensive selection of premium scaffolding tubes and related items, delivering exceptional value through innovation, safety, and exceptional customer service.

We are on a mission
-To deliver cost efficient and innovative access solutions tailored to the individual requirements of our clients with no compromise to safety. - Continuously strive to improve our Safety, Quality, and Reliability by maintaining a highly trained, experienced and motivated team of personnel and deployment of ultra-modern machineries in the production process.


SPAR Steel UAE aspires to be the undisputed leader in premium steel scaffolding solutions, setting the standard for the Middle East. We achieve this through unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and continuous innovation.

- To provide the best of breed engineering services with know-how accumulated over two decades of Scaffolding & pipe manufacturing and supply relevant product lines in order to assist SPAR become the de facto choice of our clients and partner for any scaffolding related requirements. - Continuously strive to provide practical and innovative solutions tailored to customer requirement. - To provide rapid supply of our products to our global customers, SPAR Group operates with its three state of the art plants strategically located in UAE, KSA and India. - To give our customer wide selection opportunity from a huge range of Scaffolding and other steel products. SPAR owes this outstanding position to its corporate management approach, qualified and committed workforce and belief in continuous development and innovation.

Social Responsibility

SPAR believes that each individual is responsible primarily for themselves, then to the environment and finally to the society that we are contributing in. As SPAR family we take measures, in a manner of sharing with society, ethically, responsibly, developing and protecting the benefits of society. As a global company we acknowledge that we got opportunity to make positive impact amongst the communities we work in and hence from top echelons to the bottom levels, our corporate culture is serving with a high sense of social responsibility and accountability for all that we promise and deliver. SPAR's management regularly creates Social Responsibility Projects aimed to serve the environmental and needs of the society. With the goal of giving back to the society, we constantly invest and promote projects that contributes to the country and society alike.

Our Plan for a National Workforce

Reiterating our resolve to respond to social concerns such as unemployment in the geographies we operate, SPAR's Induction Program aims to increase localization ratio by recruiting talented local citizens and placing them to the areas, which suits their qualifications, experience and capabilities through a fair recruitment process.Interested professionally can securely apply on our online portal.

SPAR recognizes the implementation of sustainable and environment-friendly solutions into our business practices are going a long way in helping future generations as well as benefiting their bottom line. We believe that the planet equally belongs to the future generations and we have to fulfill our role of being its best custodian. Our manufacturing units thrive on energy efficient machinery. Our processes are highly optimized and are reviewed regularly to see how we can further reduce the carbon footprint of our assembly lines.

We are conscious in our selection of our business partners. We summarily avoid unscrupulous business firms that are not committed to environment protection. Although there are numerous ways to green-stamp our companies, we've adopted all pertinent innovative ways of greening our supply chains, from start to end including packaging, transportation. All of SPAR's owned manufacturing plants have a percentage of land completely dedicated to green belts that provides for peace of mind and a soothing look offered by the verdure envelope around our workplace.

Every patch of SPAR's land that is not engaged in business processes are either covered with flowers of grasses so that every nook and corner of our plants appear green and thriving with life and provide a fresh and welcome look to our visitors and others to follow and compete with us.

Business Opportunity & Vendor Partnering

To expand our service offering to our valued customers, SPAR is constantly exploring opportunities of establishing business alliances to leverage our capabilities in the field we operate. To this effect, we've been constantly diversifying in related construction industries. We look forward to like-minded and progressive people for mutually beneficial and long term partnership various partners, manufacturers and traders.

If you are an international player having the spark like ours and fire in the belly to compete and excel you may be our right partner to walk together. SPAR enjoys working and serving different geographies with the help of experienced and renowned local or international players. For effective outreach in new markets we would love to partner with people having good exposure and coverage in scaffold and formwork and similar businesses. If you believe in our Vision and Mission, and would like to use our services in Middle East, then please contact SPAR. We would appreciate the opportunity to initiate a dialogue and explore the prospects.

For any inquiry please contact info@sparsteel.com





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Frequently Asked Questions

Scaffold is a temporary or movable platform for workers (such as bricklayers, painters, or miners) to stand or sit on when working at a height above the floor or ground.It is a platform on which a criminal executed by hanging or beheading.It is a platform at a height above ground or floor level.

Quality scaffolding tubes are supplied in HR (Black) & Galvanized type, mainly 3.2mm and 4.0mm thickness with standard specification EN 39, EN 10219, BS1139

Scaffoldings allow construction companies or builders to safely erect high-rise buildings and/ or carry out necessary repairs and maintenance of any structure or building. Scaffoldings also ensure fast completion of the construction work needed, whilst guaranteeing the safety of workers and the general public.

Generally, scaffolding is calculated in terms of volume (cubic-metre). You can calculate the scaffolding on every other side with a product of length, width, and height and summation of all the side volumes and multiplying with the unit-meter cost.

Heavy Duty (H.D.) Scaffold System is suitable for high loads while providing safe solutions and versatile access for working at maximum heights.

The scaffold tube should be made of a diameter of 48.3mm and a 3.2mm - 4.0mm wall thickness. Tubes should appear straight visually and not deviate by more than 15mm in any 3m length. This is where the tube has been used as a means of hitting another object.