scaffolding designSPAR strongly believes that “there is always a simple solution for any complex problem” and hence we have established an Engineering Design division which provides a safe, optimum, economical and simple solution to all Scaffolding requirements.

SPAR team of experienced and competent Scaffold Engineers provides engineering Scaffolding Design in accordance to local and international scaffolding standards befitting project specification.

We are capable of producing Scaffolding designs conforming to various standards viz. British, European, and American, Australian, Saudi Aramco and other Middle Eastern client / project specifications.

Scaffolding Hire & Sales

When you hire or buy Scaffolding products from SPAR Hire and Sale Division, you are able to draw on the resources and experience of a worldwide service operation. SPAR Hire Department is supported with the Hire Inventory Management System which regulates and controls the movement of the material throughout the different branches thereby reducing the loss of material and increasing the traceability


At SPAR, we also provide Coil Slitting services for client supplied Coils. Our high capacity processing facility provides slitting services, you can trust SPAR to provide precision coil slit products in a variety of metals and widths for a wide range of industries.

We are uniquely positioned to provide rapid turnaround and competitive pricing to the widest variety of customers for every order need. Whether your orders are large or small - rush orders or quick turnaround times - we have the production flexibility, capacity and skill to efficiently meet your requirements.

Slitting Line Capacity

Strip Width From 600 Upto 1600 mm
Strip Thickness From 0.8 Upto 4.0 mm
No. of cuts 20 Max,
Coil OD From 1100 Upto 1800 mm
Coil ID From 508 mm Upto 760 mm
Coil Weight Upto 25,000 kg
Line Speed 80 m/min,

Tube Conversion

At SPAR, we also produce tubes and pipes from client supplied Coils. Our high speed tube mill facility provides Tube conversion services, you can trust SPAR to provide precision produce of variety of steel tubes and pipes from Coils, we have the production capacity and skill to efficiently meet your requirements.

Tube mill line capacity

Tube OD From 0.19 Upto 76 mm
Thickness From 0.8 Upto 4.0 mm
Line Speed 80 lm/min,