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  • What can be used instead of a scaffold?

The most trusted scaffolding manufacturer/supplier in the Middle East & MENA

Spar Steel is supported by its qualified and experienced R&D team having the expertise in the application of the advanced technology of construction field used in the USA, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc. for scaffoldings production to ensure the scaffolding standard quality of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS, and others. Spar Steel standard quality product materials and scaffolding services which meet OSHA, ARAMCO, Adnoc, Enoc, UAE and SABIC specification, and testing are:

Spar Steel Scaffolding Products

 Pipes & Tubes: HR (Black), Galvanized (Hot-Dip) or Pre-galvanized types Round Tubes, Square Tubes, Rectangular Tubes, ERW pipe…  Cuplock Systems: Vertical Standard (Open End), Ledger (Horizontal), Intermediate Transom (Horizontal)  Ringlock Systems: Ledgers, Braces, Hop Up Bracket, Base Collar…  Tube And Fittings: Galvanised Iron Scaffolding Tubes, Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Grider-Coupler, Board Retaining Clamp, Toe Board Couplers, Sleeve Coupler, Ladder Clamp, Rocking Or Swivel Base Plate, Adjustable U Head Jack, Scaffolding Ladder Beams, Scaffolding Ladders, Heavy Duty Self-Closing Scaffolding Gate, Scaffolding Base Plate, Adjustable Base Jack…  Scaffolding Steel Boards/Plank: Lvl Wooden Scaffold Board, Steel Boards without Hooks, Steel Boards with Hooks…  Ladder & Lattice Beams: Scaffolding Ladder Beams, Scaffolding Ladders, Lattice Beams…

Spar Steel Scaffolding Services

 Contract Scaffolding Services: Construction and plant maintenance in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector  Hire and Sales: With the i-Hire Inventory Management System and control the movement of the equipment throughout the different branches and client Projects around KSA.  Scaffolding Design & Inspection: conforming to various standards viz. British, European, and American, Australian, Saudi Aramco, and other the Middle East client/project specifications.  Coil Slitting Services  Tube Conversion Services  Manpower/Training Supply: a. Manpower— On short term and long-term basis for their requirements during Turn around, shutdowns, operation, maintenance, construction and contracting etc. b. Training— Basic Awareness, Intermediate, & Advanced Scaffolding Training… Support Services  Design – Specialized Access Scaffold.  Design – Formwork & Falsework  In House Scaffolding Training  Health and Safety Training Moreover, by keeping the safety and security of scaffolds structure and workers, scaffolding customers should not compromise with the kinds and quality of scaffolding products and services used in scaffolding works. Locations for Spar Group Scaffolding Products & Services For Spar Steel quality scaffolding products and services based on OSHA, Saudi Aramco, and Adnoc, Enoc, UAE safety standard and rules, clients can contact on the following addresses given below: