• How should a construction company choose quality scaffolding products & equipment?
  • How will you decide whether scaffolding products and structure built up are of good quality for your construction project?
  • Who will be a trustworthy manufacturer of quality scaffolding products or items?
  • What is good quality materials used for making reliable scaffolding products?
  • What is the manufacturer’s comprehensive scaffolding manual and it is used?
  • What are the international scaffolding standards and rules followed in KSA, UAE & MENA countries?
  • What are quality scaffolding tubes?
  • The quality round scaffolding tubes are HR (Black), Galvanized (Hot-Dip), or Pre-galvanized of ½' to 6" inch thick. It can be used to build a safe scaffold structure.
  • What are the standard sizes of square tubes supplied for scaffolding work?
  • What types of rectangular scaffolding tubes are available in the market?
  • What types of quality scaffolding Cuplock Systems are available in the Middle East?
  • What types of quality scaffolding Ringlock Systems are manufactured and supplied in UAE?
  • What size is standard scaffolding?
  • What is a node point in scaffolding?
  • How high can a mobile scaffold tower go?
  • How thick is the scaffold tube?
  • How tall is baker scaffolding?
  • Why are the standard scaffolding products used?
  • What tools are needed for scaffolding?
  • What is the minimum size for scaffold planks?
  • How will a good quality scaffolding deck/planks be checked?
  • What is the cost-effective alternative to conventional scaffold boards?
  • What is value-added scaffold steel plank?
  • How best fits scaffold steel decks/planks are made?
  • What is good design for manufacturing steel decks/planks?
  • What is the material used in making Ladder and Lattice Beam?

Spar Steel is supported by its qualified and experienced R&D team having the expertise in the application of the advanced technology of construction field used in the USA, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc. for scaffoldings production to ensure the scaffolding standard quality of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS, and others.

Spar Steel standard quality product materials and scaffolding services which meet OSHA, ARAMCO, Adnoc, Enoc, UAE and SABIC specification, and testing are:

Spar Steel Scaffolding Products

Spar Steel Scaffolding Services