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The most trusted scaffolding manufacturer/supplier in the Middle East & MENA

Spar Steel is supported by its qualified and experienced R&D team having the expertise in the application of the advanced technology of construction field used in the USA, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc. for scaffoldings production to ensure the scaffolding standard quality of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS, and others.

Spar Steel standard quality product materials and scaffolding services which meet OSHA, ARAMCO, Adnoc, Enoc, UAE and SABIC specification, and testing are:

Spar Steel Scaffolding Products

Spar Steel Scaffolding Services

Locations for Spar Group Scaffolding Products & Services

For Spar Steel quality scaffolding products and services based on OSHA, Saudi Aramco, and Adnoc, Enoc, UAE safety standard and rules, clients can contact on the following addresses given below: