SPAR experience gave birth to Tube Solutions, a special division specialized in high-tech laser welded tube production. SPAR range has now a brand new product to offer: a high quality tube that can be used for any application requiring the greatest performance, not only from the technical point of view but also as far as the excellence of the provided service is concerned. Tube Solutions uses for its production and quality control processes only updated instruments, such as laser welding lines and 2D laser cutting machines.

Tube Applications

Tube Solutions product features respond to the demands of a wide range of applications.


The largest consumer of our products is the scaffold industry. Currently most of our products are consumed in Tube & Fitting Scaffolding, Systems Scaffolding Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, building scaffolds that you can find in every structure being raised around you.


The remarkable elongation and malleability of our products make them a perfect fit for the demanding Automotive Industry. The amazing formability of our tubes help us guaranty precise inner and outer diameter all along the run of the tubes. Consequently, our products become the ideal choice for the production of automotive exhaust systems.


Due to amazing metallurgical composition of our tubes, they offer maximum resistance to corrosion. As a result of this, elements of nature cause minimal surface weathering. Our pipes can always be deployed at applications that demand safe and non-reactive linings for the transport of all your liquids. Our tube is just the perfect product to use in piping and liquid transport, thanks to the inside and outside perfect shape and the high water proofing performance.


SPAR is capable of meeting the industry norms of pipes that are safe for processed-food industry. To transport powdered or liquid food from silos to various applications points, processors can rely on awesome performance that SPAR tubes will offer for years and years. The lowest abrasion level near zero roughness of the inside surface makes our tube especially suitable to use in food industry.


As far as structural applications are concerned, our tube assures both very good mechanical resistance and cold formability.


To manufacture cost-effective interior decoration and lifestyle products, manufacturers can rely on our custom manufacturer pipes for the furniture industry. Our know-how of steel manufacture helps us choose the best metallurgical mix to reach a light-weight and very strong pipe for chairs, tables etc. The basic characteristics of our pipes help furniture manufacturers during smoother and predictable cutting and welding. Our low carbon pipes are most suitable to such application. By using our pipes, furniture manufacturers can reduce their processing costs per unit furniture they produce.

From Coile To Pipes

SPAR Steel’s reputation and goodwill stands on our expertise and industry experience. SPAR believes in evolving ourselves on the basis of constant progress and inclusion of new technologies that are deployed to satisfy the most demanding expectations, for a wide range of uses. Thanks to our great know-how on Hot Rolled coils and GI coils, and our incomparable ready stock, we can choose the raw material having the most appropriate mechanical and surface characteristics to avoid waste, rework and any thermic treatment of our steel tubes.

During our tube forming process, the dimensional accuracy is obtained by our step by step processes, so as to produce a precision tube offering tolerances in sizes much stricter than the normal standards in use. We are very particular about coils we choose for manufacturing our fine engineering products and those which can withstand the test of time. In line with this, all production lines use raw material with standards based features that allows us to offer the highest degree of mechanical characteristics of our tubes. This makes any last moment thermic treatment on the tube redundant.

Laser Process

Conventional welding of structural members is prone to inconsistency in terms of acquired strengths by the resulting joints across the length. The tiny air cavities and voids formed during the welding acts as region of stress-concentration and can become reason of crack propagation and failure of joints. SPAR’s experience has taught us that the type of welding source will cast an influence on the welding seam morphology and mechanical features of the joints.

SPAR’s specialized Tube Solutions laser welding presents far greater advantages. The laser source produces a predictable and extremely narrow welding seam and allows for a complete penetration into all our thickness of the slit member being welded. Due to homogeneity achieved after laser welding, SPAR tubes have the ability to perform reliably throughout its service life.

Our latest machinery and Tube and Pipe manufacturing know-how helps us reach a level of very small thermic distortions and far better dimensional tolerances on the inner and outer diameters of our tubes.

This process assures the welding zone to become extremely resistant and capable of enduring tensile loads, bending moments and shear force during its application in demanding scaffold industry.