Punctuality, quality, rapidity (scaffolding stock material)

scaffolding-stock-material SPAR stands out for its wide range of scaffolding material available in stock and for the leading-edge technology of its production plants sourced from the world’s best machinery suppliers. Such important alignment of adopting best technology allows SPAR to guarantee a high quality service, punctual and quick in executing all our customers’ orders. We only promise what we can do and we always keep our promises. This has helped us garner trust and goodwill that cannot be purchased with money. SPAR meets the needs of small and medium-sized companies as well as of multinationals. Each customer can consolidate a steady relationship with us and rely on our high professional competence.

With our amazing production capability, we can serve and supply scaffolds for projects of all sizes. We have invested heavily in high speed assembly lines. Below are highlights of our production capacity
161,500 Sft Total Plot Area, of which 92,570 Sft. of covered area More than 25000 Tons always available in stock to effectively decrease our dependency on the raw material suppliers.

The factory house the following Machines and Processes:

  • Strip cutting and Plate cutting lines
  • Robotic Steel Scaffolding Lines
  • Laser welded Tube production lines
  • Laser welded Pipe production lines
  • Scaffolding Steel Boards Forming Lines
  • Laser tube cutting line
  • Various Hydraulic presses from 20 Tons to 250 Tons

Scaffolding Certified quality

SPAR Management strongly believes that Quality will be our USP when we compete in the market to provide better products to customers. From top to bottom, our manufacturing units work on pro-active processes to avoid rework and decrease waste.

Our workforce remains highly motivated when it comes to imbibing Quality in every component that we manufacture. SPAR thrives on Total-Quality culture. We encourage them to set new levels of growth and excellence in what they do.

SPAR’s R & D Team doesn’t strive in isolation. We are very inclusive when it comes to launching a new and creative design or solution. SPAR has always involved its customers and their valuable feedbacks all along the development process.

To that end, soon after its inception, that is ever since 2003SPAR has been certified according to ISO 9001standard. SPAR constantly updates and improves both its own quality management system and its production process.

To give you top quality products we leave no stone unturned when it comes to calibration of our machines and tools and getting our products checked periodically from international test centers.

Online Test Controls


Non-destructive tests are executed with the help of eddy currents through induction coils to check the quality of our welding seams. SPAR uses circular coils to check the uniformity and dimensional accuracy of the entire tube section. SPAR’s manufacturing units have well trained staff to carry out above tests in a professional manner. Based on the desired specifications that our tubes have to meet, we follow BS EN and ASTM regulations. Apart from being compliant with BS-1139 and EN-10219, our tubes are capable of fully meeting EN 10246-2 and EN 10246-3.


Our regular Quality Inspection demands that SPAR carries out destructive tests such as by crushing and flaring the tube samples.


To ascertain features that cannot be achieved from above tests we conduct additional laboratory tests. These are traction, hardness controls and micrographs tests.


We check the chemical composition of all material arriving in our premises.


We can measure the surface roughness both on the inside and on the outside surface of welded tubes.


SPAR’s Tubes Solutions is certified to ISO 9001 and TUV AD 2000

Final Production Process Tests


SPAR’s specialized testing processes help us achieve complete dimensional controls on tube outside diameter, thickness, length and linearity. Our Visual controls help us guaranty the surface finishing.


Along with the tube manufacturing process, SPAR conducts continuous controls with the help of induced (or eddy) currents. This helps reveal any defects in conformity with International standard.


We conduct offline tests of our pipe samples such as Flaring tests which is performed with a conical spindle driven by a 100-Ton hydraulic press. On demand, a crushing test can also be performed.


Samples of tubes taken from every batch are subjected to a destructive traction test to determine the effective mechanical characteristics of the welded tube.


Control of hardness values of the weld; pressure test of the tube, corrosion resistance tests and crushing tests. Any further test is to be agreed on previous demand.


Our in-house laboratory issues a certificate for each batch, stating that the tube passed all standard tests, carried out according to standard regulations and to customers’ special requests.