Adjustable U Head Jack

Adjustable U Head Jack Manufacturers in UAE

Sparsteel is U Head Jack Manufacturer In UAE. We made high quality and highly durable U head jacks for longer and better performance. You Can get Solid & Hollow Type of U Head Jacks from Sparsteel. Each Size Load Is Offered to Secure Your Safety In Construction work.

As we are certified and top leading company in UAe, we serve top quality and strong welding U head jack to our customers for long performance and safety

Head Screw Jack is a scaffold product that used to support the scaffolding structure.It is made by high quality steel and comes in different sizes. These U Head Jacks give stability to the structure with proper adjustments at the base.

Top Features of Adjustable U Head Jack

  • Give support to scaffold structure
  • Safe and Proper adjustment of height
  • Lock nut available for adjustment
  • Can be used with different and various pads

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