Board Retaining Clamp

Scaffolding Board Retaining Clamp Manufacturers in UAE

Sparsteel pressed scaffolding board retaining clamp, well know as a board clamp, is used to secure strongly scaffolding boards and toe boards to keep them in position. Sparsteel manufacture only the best and High quality board retaining clamp and supply in UAE and all over Middle East

Spar board retaining clamp has been designed for the precise purpose of correctly securing boards safely, quickly and economically. With the Sparsteel board retaining clamp, scaffold stop-ends and scaffold board returns are neatly and efficiently locked into the right positions making a safer scaffolding. These one-piece fittings have the quality easy-fix cover.

Top Features of Board Retaining Clamp

  • Top Plate of 5mm low-carbon steel locates on the highest fringe of the board, maintaining a secure position against the tube and a firm location to the adjacent return.
  • The returning board fits snugly into this channel. it's held securely at 90ยบ to the adjacent board and is retained within the correct position.
  • The sparsteel cover ensures fast and straightforward fixing with simultaneous security of both boards.
  • The board is trapped between the quality and therefore the returning board making a secure platform.

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