Adjustable Swivel Base Jack

Scaffolding Swivel Base Jack Manufacturers in UAE

Sparsteel’s Adjustable Swivel Base Jack is a specific type of Adjustable Screw Jack. It is Used for irregular Ground Falsework & Scaffold. Sparsteel fabricated the Swivel Base Jack according to ISO standards. Our all swivel jack are made by quality controlled from raw material to welding quality till construction safety load Quantity.

Sparsteel is a certified scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in UAE. All of our swivel base jack and scaffold materials are highly welding quality. The welding quality is tested and controlled according to ISO standards. Our welders are expertly trained and certified.

Sparsteel Adjustable swivel base jack size can be produced according to customers’ requirements. Send us your swivel jack requirement to get a competitive prices.

Benefits of Adjustable Swivel Base Jack

  • Adjustable to Uneven Ground Condition
  • Applicable to Ramp and Other Particular Area
  • Keep the Whole Scaffold System Safe and Level

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