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steel pipes

Spar Steel is a reliable and well-trusted scaffolding, Steel Pipe & Tube company across Dubai, UAE, the Middle East, and other MENA countries engaged in manufacturing with the latest advanced technology a wide range of steel pipes and tubes, for example, MS ERW Pipes/Black Pipes /GI Pipes/GIS Tubes/Galvanised Pipes/Galvanised Tubes/Scaffolding Pipe/Scaffolding Tubes/ARAMCO Seamless Pipes & Tubes, etc.

We offer quality and safe Pipe/ Tubes in a variety of sizes, finishes, and dimensions to meet the different needs of our clients at the best industry prices in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi UAE.

Spar Steel not only has a Scaffold Steel Pipes/Scaffold Tubes manufacturing plant based on the latest advanced technology in Dubai but also has a leading presence in customers’ markets for its safe and most reliable stocks, supply, and export to varied renounced industries in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and other Middle East/MENA countries.


steel tubes

Scaffold Tubes/Scaffolding Pipes are metal steel sections of pipe used to erect a scaffold in building construction structures. The scaffolding structures in building construction for different industries allow workers to access the upper levels of a building and guarantee a safe operation.

In these construction structures, scaffolding tubes/pipes can adjust their length to best suit a particular length of the construction’s structure. In addition, scaffolding steel tubes/pipes also vary in size as well as a function according to the intended application requirements.

Spar Steel is a specialized Scaffold Tubes/Scaffolding Pipes manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Middle East, and other MENA countries.

Types of Scaffolding STEEL Tubes/Pipes

steel pipes and tubes

Scaffold Steel Tubes/Pipes can be divided into three main types:

  1. Galvanised Scaffold Steel Tubes/Pipes
  2. MS Steel Tubes/Pipes
  3. Rectangular  Steel Tubes/Pipes

Spar Steel Black Steel Pipes/Tubes are regarded as the best raw material for scaffolding structures in construction for different industries. The Standards Scaffold Steel Tubes/Pipes which are vertical provide strong support for the entire scaffolding construction structures.

Ledgers Scaffold Steel Tubes/Pipes run horizontally between the standards pipes to provide lateral support. While Transom Scaffold Steel Tubes/Pipes run perpendicular to ledger tubes/pipes to add stability to the scaffolding structure.

Transom Steel Tubes also provide a surface that can uphold Scaffold Boards/Decks i.e. platforms on which scaffolding structures are built. These scaffolding tubes are joined by couplers which can prevent excess movement of the structure.

Materials Used for Scaffolding MS ERW & other Pipes Making

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There are 3 types of material used in manufacturing scaffold pipes or tubes such as

  1. Steel Material
  2. AluminumMaterial
  3. Composite Material

Either metal steel or aluminum is used as a raw material to make scaffolding tubes/pipes such as MS ERW Pipes/Black Pipes /GI Pipes/GIS Tubes/Galvanised Pipes/Galvanised Tubes/ Aluminium pipe/Scaffolding Pipe/Scaffolding Tubes/ARAMCO Seamless Pipes & Tubes.

The Scaffolding Steel Tubes make the scaffolding structure heavier with exceptionally strong strength to bear the load of heavy construction material and laborers. The scaffold steel tubes are mostly galvanized to make a Pre-galvanized Steel Pipe with a layer of zinc which can prevent rust and corrosion from the outside operational environment.

On the other hand, Scaffolding Aluminium Tubes are much lighter than steel tubes which cannot support huge and heavy objects. The scaffold aluminum tubes don’t need to be coated with zinc because of aluminum’s ability to resist rust and corrosion.

The other is a composite material used to manufacture scaffolding pipes/tubes which increases the price in comparison to steel or aluminum pipes.

These tubes are both galvanized and without zinc coating. If clients do not want to galvanize scaffolding tubes/pipes, they are advised to use other chemical treatments such as painting or oiling.

Guidelines to Customers for Safety of Structure/ Workers

scaffold tubes
Construction worker working on scaffolding on a construction site

Scaffold Customers are advised to consider before purchasing/ordering the followings:

  • The scaffold pipes/tubes are thoroughly checked for any signs of damage before purchase.
  • They should also be resistant to various factors like temperature variation and water.
  • Hooks and hardware of prefabricated platform units must be checked regularly for looseness, distortion, and cracks. Because damage can be if the scaffold pipes/tubes are thrown or dropped.
  • Ice, snow, oil, and grease should be cleaned from them.
  • Scaffold platform pipes/tubes must be resistant to slip and free from water accumulation.
  • Regularly check pipes/tubes on the scaffold as weather, rot, and general use can damage them.
  • Do not test the strength of pipes/tubes by jumping on them as it can make undetectable defects or damage.
  • Pipes/tubes should be stored on a firm level surface to prevent warping.
  • Pipes/tubes should not be painted before keeping them in-store as the paint can hide defects.
  • The thickness of pipes/tubes should be as per universal standards considering construction worker safety.

Moreover, by keeping the safety and security of the structure along with workers, scaffolding customers should not compromise on the kinds and quality of scaffolding pipes/tubes.

For this reason, Galvanised Steel Scaffolding Pipes/Tubes are always more suitable for long-term projects as they have better strength against damage and they won’t rot.

Steel Pipes/Tubes Quality Products

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 Pipes/Tubes are one of the most reliable and tested quality products with competitive prices available in Dubai, UAE/the Middle East. They have the following required features: 

  • Keeping in mind the ever-evolving requirements of our precious clients across the UAE and other MENA countries, Spar Steel offers an exclusive range of MS ERW pipes. The offered pipe is widely used in different industrial and construction places to give support to various structures.
  • Steel Pipes/Tubes are manufactured using advanced techniques and premium quality mild steel at our vendors’ end. Moreover, this pipe can be availed by our esteemed clients at an economical price as compared to the market price.
  • scaffold pipes/tubes are strong and good-looking with the most loading capacity. 
  • To strengthen the structure’s loading capacity, Spar Steel Galvanised Steel Scaffolding Pipes/Tubes are designed with help of the latest advanced technology.
  • Spar steel scaffolding tubes strictly conform to BS1139: Part 1: Section 1:1 and the latest ARAMCO general instruction on safety requirements of scaffolds GI 8.001
  • Superior quality 4mm galvanized scaffolding tube, available in various lengths up to 6.4m (21′)
  • Fully conforming to EN39:2001 Grade S235GT.
  • 48.3mm diameter x 4mm nominal wall thickness.
  • Superior quality 3.2mm high yield galvanized scaffolding tube/pipes, available in various lengths from 5ft to 21ft.
  • The high-yield S355 galvanized tube is 20% lighter than the standard tube.  
  • Made from galvanized steel, Spar steel scaffolding Tubes offer maximum reliability to industrial construction projects, as they are protective, zinc coated, and weather-resistant to prevent rusting.
  • High-quality BS EN 755-2:2008 aluminum tube, available in various lengths up to 6.0m (20’). Other lengths can be cut to clients’ required size upon request.
  • Spar Steel always tries to be the most reliable manufacturer, and so its scaffolding products are designed, manufactured, and developed with the latest technology and global scaffolding market trend.
  • Spar Steel has a qualified and experienced research and development (R&D) team who is always curious to learn and apply the advanced technology in the construction field used in the USA, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc. ensuring the quality to the standard of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS, and others. 

Spar Steel Scaffolding Pipes & Tubes based on ARAMCO and other standard guidelines are manufactured in Dubai and supplied to different construction companies for various UAE, Middle East, and other MENA industries, some of them are given below:

  • KOC Pipes & Tubes Exporter
  • KNPC Round Pipes & Tubes Supplier
  • KNPC Seamless Pipes & Tubes Exporter
  • KOC Welded Pipes & Tubes Exporter
  • ADNOC Round Tube Supplier
  • ADCO Bright Pipes & Tubes Exporter
  • Borouge Rectangular Pipes & Tubes
  • ARAMCO Seamless Pipes & Tubes
  • Arabian Spar Black Round Pipes & Tubes Suppliers
  • ARAMCO Seamless Pipes & Tubes
  • ADNOC Welded Tube

Spar Steel Dedication and Commitment to Customers’ Services

  • Spar Steel ensures our customers’ goods are delivered safely and on time. 
  • Spar Steel has qualified experienced technicians and packers.
  • Spar Steel provides a container loading plan as per customers’ product quantity ordered. 
  • Spar Steel arranges long-term cooperative freight forwarding and shipping companies. 
  • Spar Steel came into being with the aim and objective to be a professional one-stop engineering scaffolding products manufacturer and supplier in Abu Dhabi UAE and other Middle East countries.  

Spar Steel manufacturing plant/factories are located in Dubai UAE, the most developed and reliable business, marketing, and export-import center in Asia and all around the world.     The company welcomes all scaffolding customers to come to enjoy the environment of Dubai and Spar Steel scaffolding quality products for their construction companies.

Targeted Location for Spar Steel Scaffolding Manufacturing Products

Spar Steel scaffolding has existing and prospective customers in the “MENA” region, i.e. the countries of Middle-East North Africa along with other Muslim countries which are given below:

Middle-East+ countries—Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, etc.

North AfricaAlgeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Libya, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan,  etc.